I always have a selection of cushions for sale at a lower price -- perhaps a design or colourway that hasn't found its way into my range, discontinued colours or show samples that have been on display but are still in excellent condition.

Don't miss a bargain! Square cushions are 45cm x 45cm, rectangular ones are 35cm x 45cm. Feather pads included.

poppy polka
Poppy in Polka colourway
Show sample (Sky back)
Was £45 now £31
ribbon polka
Ribbon in Polka colourway
Unused sample (Sky back)
Was £39 now £27
hearts nocturne
Hearts in Nocturne (v. dark blue)
Unused sample
stripey honey marsh green
Stripey in Honey/Marsh green
Discontinued colourway
Was £39 now £27 (2 available)
square ensign blue
Squares in Ensign blue
Show sample
£42 now £29
beaded white multicolour
Beaded White/Multi coloured
Discontinued beads
£42 now £29 (2 available)
ribbon nocturne marsh back
Ribbon in Nocturne. (Marsh back)
Unused sample
Was £39 now £27
ribbon brick
Ribbon in Brick (discontinued colour)
Unused sample
Was £39 now £27
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